we have it easy in the digital age.

Just how easy we have it with digital cameras and photoshop was brought home to me today.

My wife Vicky is doing a photography course at the Learning Connexion this term and is using film which she has to process themselves. Of course this means that her images are in black & white. She was supposed to produce a body of work on a theme and she chose “reflections”. While she is quite a good photographer she was struggling a little with seeing things in black & white.

After lunch we both decided to head outside and work on her project. It has rained most of the morning and we figured that the puddles that were likely to be formed on the  concrete sections at the Trentham racecourse would offer good possibilities.

I took along my digital and we worked slowly through the shots she wanted to take. She would estimate the camera settings she wanted to use. I would then put them into my camera and with it set to deliver a B&W image take a shot. If she was happy with the result she would then take a shot on the film camera. The only tricky thing we ran into was compensating for the crop sensor effect.

We then headed up to Akatawara Cemetery and obtained some reflections using the backs of some highly polished marble headstones.

What was a real pain was that when she was lining up a shot she would often tell me that she didn’t like something in the shot, and could I move it. This included rubbish bins, tables and chairs, and not to mention branches on trees. Shooting in digital we wouldn’t have bothered knowing that we could simply clone it out in photoshop.

The images below are a sample of the ones I took. Vicky’s film images came out good as well, even though some might say that the technique is slightly cheating.

Shooting Motion

Over the last two weeks New Zealand has been host to the World Roller Skating Championships held at the Trusts Stadium in Waitakere Auckland. As my daughter is a keen skating I offered to take her up to the senior section of the tournament.

Now I have been shooting roller skating for the last 6 years but shooting these world athletes was another step up in challenge because they moved so fast. Most of the shots I took were from the dance and freeskating couples events as we don’t tend to see them in NZ.

In both competitions the events were dominated by skaters from Italy.

Below is a selection of the images taken over several night. I recognise that they are a little noisy but that could be helped as I had to have the camera on ISO1000 to try to keep the shutter at a reasonable speed. And that was even with using a F2.8 lens.