Helicopter Flight

Every once in a while an offer comes along that you just can’t refuse. So it was when a friend of my wife asked if I would like to use a voucher she had been given for a helicopter flight over Wellington. My answer “Hell yes”. Then when I posted what I was doing another friend asked if I could take some photos of some building roofs. No problem I said.

Maly – First Shoot

Maly is a Latin beauty with a great personality who approached me after seeing images that were taken at the Group shoot as she was friends with Santosh. It took several attempts to arrange for a meetup and then several attempts to co-ordinate the shoot, but in the end the results were great.

We started at Erskine College in Island Bay which has amazing graffiti walls in the old tennis courts and some really nice murals on other walls.

Then we moved onto Breaker Bay for some late afternoon shots.

I think that I was extremely lucky that I managed to get one of the few really good weather days this summer.

Tia & Naisa

Mid-way through 2011 when my work colleagues learned about the awards I have achieved I was approached by a staff member in our Auckland office to photograph her cousins wedding (as she was paying for it as a gift). Being based in Wellington I was somewhat reluctant to do this as there is a lot of preparation work needed before a wedding to do it properly and that is best done at the location. Plus the fact that apart from the movie “Sione’s Wedding” I had no experience of what a Samoan wedding would be like.

My son David is a very keen photographer as well and he happened to live in Auckland so I asked him if he was interested in doing the shoot. I would let him take lead and I would act as second shooter. This was all agreed and we set about planning.

The first surprize was the size of the wedding party (and I am not meaning their dress sizes). I am used to parties of 8 maximum. This one had 16 and that did not include the pageboy or flower girls. It was fairly obvious that we need to find an outdoor venue as the size of the party meant we needed ambient light to effective light the group. We decided upon the Auckland Botanical gardens which then brought the second surprize. They charge you for wedding photos.

On the day I went to the grooms place at 8.30am to find the whole wedding party already fully ready. He told me his mum had made sure of that.

The church service was quite long which was not helped by the fact that we hadn’t a clue what was being said and we also had to deal with an “uncle Bob” photographer. Then Auckland’s weather decided to be difficult and we were forced to shoot the family shots inside of the hall. Fortunately by the time we had finished it fined up and we went to the gardens and got some lovely shots.

The reception was held in what used to be the foyer of a movie theatre. This was where surprize three came in. At Palagi weddings there are definite breaks in the proceedings where you can take a break (and eat). At this one the entertainment was pretty constant so by the end of the day we were shot.

I learned heaps along the way and most importantly the couple love the final images.

Christchurch – One year on

On the way back from the National roller Skating championships we stopped into Christchurch. The first surprise was that coming from the South there was little evidence that the city had been hit by a major earthquake, but once you reached the CBD it was more than obvious.

I only took a few images. The clock frozen at the time the quake. The bike still locked in Cashel street makes you wonder what happened to the owner. The banks of the once beautifully maintain Avon River now overgrown.