Down in the Basement (slighty NSFW)

I enjoy doing session with other photographers because it enable you to build off each other, because even when you are looking at the same thing we will be seeing it from a different perspective.

So when Christchurch photographer Paul Willyams asked if I was interested in doing a shoot in the basement of the Wellington apartment I was only too willing as he had arranged the models . I just needed  to help with the props which turned into a bit of effort in bringing in a very large chaise lounge. That presented a bit of an issue when it was discovered that it would not fit in the complex lift and had to be carried down the stairs. Fortunately we managed to achieve the task and the studio was transformed.

Our models for most of the shoot went by the stage names of Salacious Sugar and Optimus Fine. Both were great to work with and the shoot went very easy. Later in the day we were joined by John and a second series of shots was done involving him and the girls.

Paul achieved the look that he wanted using a little extra photoshop magic. I prefer  to work more in camera and so the images below have minimal post production added to them.

LR-Basement-34 LR-Basement-18 LR-Basement-5 LR-Basement-11 LR-Basement-10 LR-Basement-47 LR-Basement-44 LR-Basement-64 LR-Basement-68

Fashion on a Saturday Morning

Every two years the church we go to runs an all day event for women called “Body & Soul”. It contains a number of elective sessions, entertainment and inspirational speakers. I was asked to document to day for them.

This year it contained an additional item with a fashion parade by Upper Hutt designer Rasha Taylor, with a showing of day, ball and wedding dresses.

Now the main issue with  photographing a run way show is generally light. In some shows there is too much and at others not enough. Fortunately with the show I knew in advance what I was dealing with and being the official photographer was able to bring in some of my own.

I initially thought about a speedlight but discounted it as it gives a very harsh light and the spread is very uneven. In the end I set up a strobe and umbrella on a boom arm. This enabled me to light up the last 2 metres of the catwalk with a reasonable consistent soft light head to tow at around f8.

In order the ensure a proper angle on the girls I brought in a small step ladder and shot from the top. I have been really pleased with the images shot.

RashaTaylor-43 RashaTaylor-41 RashaTaylor-39 RashaTaylor-37 RashaTaylor-29 RashaTaylor-31 RashaTaylor-33 RashaTaylor-35 RashaTaylor-27 RashaTaylor-25 RashaTaylor-17 RashaTaylor-9 RashaTaylor-7 RashaTaylor-5 RashaTaylor-15 RashaTaylor-13 RashaTaylor-11 RashaTaylor-19 RashaTaylor-21 RashaTaylor-23 RashaTaylor-1