Night Shoot

I organised a night shoot around Wellington harbour for members of Hutt Camera Club. For once the weather forecast was spot on and despite early morning rain and hair the evening turned out to be mild and dead calm.

People seemed to have a lot of fun taking part in the shoot apart from Margaret who had the misfortune of her tripod falling over ending up with a reasonable new lens breaking in half and being a total write off.

Anna – Bodyscapes

Anna was a lady introduced to me by my wife who was an artist. She wanted a photoshoot done to provide her with a range of poses that she would then paint. It was the first time Anna has ever appeared nude in photos, and having 9 year old twins she had quite a number of negative comments about the way her body looked. As a result she was extremely nervous when it came time to shoot.

To make her more comfortable we started with a series of images where she was draped in a sheer piece of fabric and as she got more confident she slowly removed more of her body.

At the end of the session we shot a series of close up bodyscapes which we both loved and which I am showing here. The rest of the shoot is reserved for Anna alone.

Fever Hospital Shoot

The Fever hospital is an old hospital that in recent years has been falling into disrepair due to both neglect and vandalism. I had wanted to get in there to shoot for a long time and when the opportunity came up with a shoot sponsored by Wellington Photographic Supplies I jumped at it.

The evening did not have the best of starts with the model I had arranged bailing at the last minute and then my flash fell off it’s stand and no longer works.

I had planned to do low light and had brought candles and lamps so all was not lost, so when we managed to get a model things were not all lost. Jepha was a great model who was keen to try out anything, and did not complain when she tripped on a rock and cut her knee.

I was pleased with the final selection of images.