Sharyn (Elle Viral)

Sharyn is a very talented Wellington photographer who happens to also like to dress up in costumes. When I saw the outfit that she had worn to the Wellington Armageddon expo posted on Facebook, I said that I simply had to shoot her.

We arranged a shoot for the afternoon of Anzac day starting the alleyways behind the Opera House in Wellington and finishing up on the beach at Owhiro Bay.

It is alway tricky shooting another photographer and especially one where you like  their work. Fortunately we clicked and she liked the images that were produced. Phew!!!

Sharyn’s work can be found at


Tamara is from Mexico and I met her during the Pan De Muerto shoot. I asked would she be willing to shoot with me and she agreed. It took a little while to get the shoot sorted and we shot at three locations round Wellington.

The final sequences were on Breaker Bay where she bravely agreed to try some fabrics and fly them in the wind. While the day had started out with promising weather as we went through the shoot the light got worse, the wind stronger and the temperature dropped so we called the shoot off early.

Even so I am really pleased with the results.