Casey – The drain shoot

Casey is an incredible athlete who swum Cook Straight in under 4 hours, and my client definitely wanted him for the website. In scoping graffiti locations I had found a stream that ran under the Hutt Road and came out by Belmont School. I thought that it was an interesting location as it also meant we could combine water and graffiti without the need for Photoshop.

We shot on a Saturday morning in bright sunshine around the base of the pond. I thought Casey was very brave to actually get his head under the water.

We then scaled the sides to shoot in the drain itself. Using a bare flash certainly brought out the muscle definition that Casey had.


The Ministry of Swimming range also includes some kids gear so John arranged for three of his younger, but no less talented students to come down to the pool.

There is an adage in showbiz “never work with kids or animals”. Well that certainly didn’t apply her. The kids were great and followed instructions well. They didn’t seem to mind repeating things until we got the shot.

Amit & Manjit

I agreed to act as a second shooter for my friend Peter McDonald on the wedding of Amit & Manjit which was a very modified Indian wedding.

We started on the Thursday shooting the Henna party which unfortunately I couldn’t attend the whole event and ran a lot later because the bride was late.

On the Saturday I went to the hotel where the groom and family were staying and got shots with him. That was very easy going.

The venue for the wedding was the Pines Cabaret in Houghton Bay, and the starting time was advertised as 4.00pm so I made sure to leave the groom in plenty of time so that I could scope it out. The moment I arrived I saw problems. Firstly the wedding was take place in a small conservatory on the corner of the building with glass on every wall. To make matters worse this part of the building faced directly into the afternoon sun. Only one row of seats was placed for old people and the rest of the congregation would be standing so there were no nice aisles to shoot down.

I decided that the best thing to do was to get a meter reading of the place where the wedding party would stand and not worry about the background blowing out, so I grabbed a willing guest and did just that. The problem was that rather than arriving at 4pm the bride arrived an hour later by which time the sun had changed positions dramatically. There was nothing I could do. I just had to shoot and hope for the best.

We had planned to shoot the formals on the beach below the venue. With the main ceremony late our time was severely shortened so it was very much a rapid fire affair.

At the end of the day I was exhausted but the bride and groom were happy with the images and that was the main thing.


This is still a work in progress. I had an idea of recreating a cartoon style image where a person conscience is represented by an angel and a devil. Sarah and Renee agreed to be my subjects and even co-ordinated their outfits. Morgan agreed to do the makeup and also to be the main person in the image.

I have decided that I would shoot in front of a green screen, and because of the number of people had to use my garage. This was not idea as it has a very low ceiling.

The shoot was extremely funny event as the girls kept cracking up all the time to a point where in the end it was easiest to shoot them separately.

Unfortunately Morgan could stay for the shoot so my daughter Samantha ended up as a fill in. Once Morgan is available then we will finish this project.